About Dr Wilfred's 4 dogs & The Dogz Shack.

The business started in 2021. Based in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. We started our journey in the dog lead business, introducing an Australian made dog lead using the finest components that we could find on the market. Our journey has taken the business into the treats for dogs sector. However during our time in the market we found that our main goal was to bring Australian products to the market. When we looked at the major retailers in Australia we found that a large percentage of them were using terms like ''Designed in Australia'' & Developed in Australia'' but the shock of all this was that they wanted to have a tag line that included Australia in it but the products were mainly China and Asian based manufacturers.

At Dr Wilfred's we have a company mission where all products are manufactured in Australia using Australian workforce and supporting the Australian Farming community.

Whilst we will never be the cheapest product on the market, you will find that the quality is of a standard that is proud to support '' Australian Made and Owned campaigns ''